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Purchasing land that has been protected as a nature refuge contributes to the ongoing conservation of Queensland’s natural environment.

Landowners who protect whole or part of their land as a nature refuge, continue to own and manage their land for their own lifestyle. Depending on the conditions of the nature refuge agreement, you can continue to generate income from the land, while also protecting natural resources. Purchasing a nature refuge also gives you access to QTFN’s nature refuge program, including conservation and land management advice.

Some of these properties were purchased and protected by QTFN as part of its revolving fund model; others have been protected by committed individuals and families.

Gaia Nature Refuge

Gaia Nature Refuge is located at Mt Byron, about 1.5 hours drive from Brisbane.

Lot 66

Nestled in the seaside hamlet of Mission Beach, Lot 66 offers a true rainforest hideaway with the best conservation credentials.

Mount Samson

Found just 40 minutes from Brisbane, the Mount Samson Nature Refuge offers bushland living and metropolitan connectivity.

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