Lot 66

Lot 66 contains significant conservation value, providing important habitat for the endangered cassowary. It is a major biodiversity corridor, allowing movement of wildlife between the Djiru National Park and the coast. QTFN partnered with C4 in 2013 to purchase Lot 66, protecting this important link in the biodiversity corridor.

Mission beach is best known for the endangered Southern Cassowary. As few as 2000 cassowaries are estimated to remain in the wild and the World Heritage Wet Tropics and Cape York. Numbers have declined rapidly in the last 40 years. Lot 66 also provides habitat for the vulnerable common mist frog litoria rheocola and Australian lacelid litoria dayi and the vulnerable tapping green eyed frog litoria serrata.

Gaia Nature Refuge

Gaia Nature Refuge is located at Mt Byron, about 1.5 hours drive from Brisbane.

Lot 66

Nestled in the seaside hamlet of Mission Beach, Lot 66 offers a true rainforest hideaway with the best conservation credentials.

Mount Samson

Found just 40 minutes from Brisbane, the Mount Samson Nature Refuge offers bushland living and metropolitan connectivity.

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