Revolving Fund

Recycling dollars by purchasing, protecting and reselling land

Revolving Fund

As properties are protected and sold, QTFN “revolves” the money back into the fund.

QTFN’s revolving fund buys land of environmental significance, negotiates a conservation agreement over the majority of the land, applies restorative management actions, resells the land on the public market and then reinvests the proceeds in further strategic purchases.

QTFN revolving fund

Revolving Fund

Past properties. Page under construction.

Properties For Sale

Gaia Nature Refuge

Gaia Nature Refuge is located at Mt Byron, about 1.5 hours drive from Brisbane.

Lot 66

Nestled in the seaside hamlet of Mission Beach, Lot 66 offers a true rainforest hideaway with the best conservation credentials.

Mount Samson

Found just 40 minutes from Brisbane, the Mount Samson Nature Refuge offers bushland living and metropolitan connectivity.

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