Working With Landholders

We work with people on the ground and in the know every day

Working with Landholders

Landholders have intimate knowledge of their land and great insight into the biodiversity it supports.  Long term conservation outcomes have many of the same key ingredients as agricultural and food productivity, quality and security – water and soil quality, bio-security, management of weeds, fires and feral animals. We support and acknowledge the good work being done around Queensland to bring production and conservation together.

Nature Refuge Covenants

Landholder networks

One of the benefits of the pioneering research we carry out is having the opportunity to share our knowledge with landholders.

In addition to community field days and flora and fauna surveys, we hold regular landholder information events designed to share our research findings. At a recent community information session about the brush-tailed rock-wallaby and its habitat, our ecologists discussed findings of a year-long study at Aroona. Important information about the wallabies’ habitat requirements was presented with rare footage taken by cameras placed in their natural habitat.

In collaboration with local councils and landholders, we are collectively looking into the potential coordination of landscape level management to build better understanding of the impacts of fire, foxes, wild pigs and dogs.

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