Koala habitat restoration

Koala habitat restoration partnership program

Koala habitat restoration partnership program

The Koala Habitat Restoration Partnership Program (KHRPP) is a 5-year, $1.96 million project funded by the Queensland Government to restore koala habitat in strategic areas of South East Queensland (SEQ).
The Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) has contracted Queensland Trust for Nature (QTFN) to deliver the program.
The project aims to support and develop incentive and partnership mechanisms with landholders and local governments to achieve on-ground koala habitat restoration in Koala Priority Areas (KPA’s).

Over five years the project will provide three outcomes: 

1) Restoration: restore a minimum of 250ha of koala habitat (comprising a minimum 100 hectares of koala habitat revegetation and a minimum 150 hectares of assisted natural regeneration) using best-practice methodology catered to each site, and guarantee the longevity of these actions through provision for maintenance and legal protection; 

2) Mechanism: develop and deploy a mechanism for attracting, assessing, prioritising and funding koala habitat restoration activities at multi-jurisdictional landscape scale;  

3) Quantification: provide a standardised, scientifically rigorous and scalable monitoring framework for tracking achievements and how they benefit southeast Queensland’s koalas. 


Why participate?

To safeguard the survival of koala populations in southeast Queensland, the Queensland Koala Expert Panel has recommended a coordinated and strategic approach to koala conservation across government, community, industry and non-government organisations. To reverse population declines we need to combine our respective skills and resources to restore koala habitat in strategic areas of southeast Queensland.

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) and QTFN are collaborating to support local government and landowners to put forward land restoration project applications by 31st January 2020.

For an application form or to learn more about the project please contact Ian Wheatland: Ian@qtfn.org.au


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