Offsets with Outcomes

Connected, protected habitats are crucial for the long-term viability of koala populations

Offset design and delivery

All of our offset areas are designed to deliver koala habitat connectivity with optimal ecological benefit.  We do this by strategically selecting, purchasing and managing sites in key wildlife corridors that will become vital conduits for Queensland’s koalas now and in the future. 

QTFN works to maximise the value of existing vegetation by removing dispersal-blocking weeds and restoring landscape function so that koala food and habitat trees grow and recruit.  This restoration goes alongside large-scale habitat creation, with revegetation of previously cleared areas a key element of our activities. 

These areas will permanently protect koala corridors as they are secured by the highest available protection, including voluntary declarations under the Vegetation Management Act and nature refuge covenants. Our design and delivery of offsets targets long-term and landscape-scale benefits for Queensland’s koala populations.

Offset monitoring and management

Long term monitoring and management by qualified staff ensures the success and effectiveness of the areas we manage under offset.  QTFN ecologists monitor our koala populations annually with five-yearly external reviews of koala populations by the Koala Ecology Group at The University of Queensland. 

Koala habitat is monitored for its potential to provide homes, food and landscapes to roam, respective to population needs and context.  Alongside management, we focus on collecting data to understand preferred food trees, home ranges and disease status of koala populations we manage land for.  To do this we go above and beyond the basics, complementing conventional (e.g. scat searches) with cutting edge methodologies (e.g. koala scat dogs, scat genetics, genetic disease testing) to demonstrate what best-practice adaptive management of Queensland’s koalas looks like.

What is the money used for?

As a not-for-profit organisation focused on providing forever homes for Queensland’s wildlife, we ensure that all proceeds from our offsets go into the conservation-focused operations of QTFN. At our sites, funding from offsets contributes to QTFN weed management, fire management, threat and predator management and contracting of expert external review. 

We extend the benefit of our operations to the broader community of both koalas and people by supporting research projects and partnerships to grow our understanding of koalas both on our reserves and within their broader regions.  We are constantly working on plans to grow and protect new areas with strategic importance for the long-term conservation of koala habitats.

5 Year Anniversary of Koala Crossing

The year 2020 marked the 5-year anniversary of QTFN acquiring our Koala Crossing (KC) reserve in Peak Crossing. This property is managed to provide koala habitat offsets, and is QTFN’s flagship demonstration of how we provide offsets with outcomes.

In the five years of management, QTFN have demonstrated improvements in native mammal diversity, koala population and health, and native vegetation condition. Complexities in managing invasive animals and plants in a permeable landscape persist, and emerging issues such as new weeds will be a new focus for the Trust in our next phase of adaptive management on KC.

To see the details of environmental improvement at Koala Crossing under QTFN management, see our 5-year summary reports. We would like to thank our project partners Greenfleet, Koala Ecology Group UQ, The World as I Am land management, The University of Queensland iROOS, Ausecology and the countless volunteers that helped plant trees on the site.

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