Offsets with Outcomes

Connected, protected habitats are crucial for the long-term viability of koala populations

Offset design and delivery

All of our offset areas are designed to deliver koala habitat connectivity and optimal ecological benefit.

Areas that are used for offsets are permanently secured by the highest available protection, including voluntary declarations under the Vegetation Management Act and nature refuge covenants. Our design and delivery of offsets target the long-term benefits for Queensland’s koala populations.

Offset monitoring and management

Long term monitoring and management by qualified staff ensures the success and effectiveness of our managed offset areas.

We measure our success by ensuring biodiversity benefits are delivered and permanently secured. Our land management teams are experienced in adaptive management, monitoring and reporting of offset performance.

What is the money used for?

All proceeds from our offsets go into the conservation-focused operations of QTFN. We are constantly working on management plans for new areas with strategic importance for the long-term conservation of koala habitats.

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