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Collaborations and partnerships are central to everything we do

Working with Education:

We are growing passion and understanding of the importance of connected corridors for Queensland’s biodiversity

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Koala habitat research

The University of Queensland’s Koala Ecology Group has been working at Koala Crossing as a survey site to determine the carrying capacity of koala habitat in the area around Mt Flinders.

As part of this survey three koalas have been fitted with radio tracking collars with GPS loggers to determine their home ranges and extent of movement. The results have guided our property management plans and demonstrate the most advantageous habitat restoration, revegetation and weed management sites.

Find out more about our work with UQ’s Koala Ecology GroupFind out more about our work at Koala CrossingMeet some of the koalas who call Koala Crossing home


Working with Project Partners

Collaborations are key to the success of QTFN’s hands-on conservation work.


Tree planting

Collaborating with Greenfleet since 2015, we have undertaken a massive tree planting program at our Koala Crossing property.

Over 90,000 koala habitat trees will have been planted by the time the project is complete. The area provides a critical link in a corridor that encourages koala movement and gene flow, a critical factor in the success of their population growth.

This revegetation project is part of landscape-level restoration that is contributing to the sustainability of koala populations in South East Queensland.

See more about our work at Koala CrossingMeet some of the koalas who have made their home at Koala Crossing

Working with Business

Sharing the Responsibility: Partnering with QTFN demonstrates commitment to best practice environmental management and ongoing corporate social responsibility.


CommBank’s Grassroots Grants program is funded by CBA staff who make regular donations from their pay, and matched dollar-for-dollar by CBA.

In September 2017, QTFN received over $28,000 from the program to fund Camp Koala at Aroona for the next three years. Delivered in conjunction with the Wonder of Science from the University of Queensland, Camp Koala provides a unique chance for QTFN to offer positive educational experiences that enhance community involvement and engagement in conservation.

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Working with Volunteers

Volunteers are a huge part of the energy that keeps QTFN going.

We have volunteers that help us in the office as well as out in the field. Our volunteers are people from all walks of life who give their precious time to help us create enduring corridors.

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