Nature conservation is a shared responsibility

Queensland is Australia’s most biodiverse state with more plant and animal species than any other state or territory. This brings an immense responsibility when it comes to nature conservation and ensuring we maintain beautiful places to live and work for future generations.

Partnerships are crucial for achieving environmental sustainability and for continuing our ambitious work across Queensland. 


QTFN has been developing innovative business models and collaborative partnerships for environmental sustainability since 2004.

Everything we do is achieved in partnership. By collaborating with all levels of government, landholders, business, universities and the community, we boost innovation and resources to maximise impact and outcomes.


On behalf of clients, QTFN identifies and assesses priority sites, secures the relevant tenure, establishes the necessary management programs and undertakes long-term site management.

Through consistent and positive engagement with policymakers we are implementing well-funded and evidence-based mechanisms to achieve the long-term persistence of threatened species populations.

Our projects bring a range of co-benefits, particularly to the health of the environment through restoring habitat for native wildlife including many threatened species, improvements to water quality, research partnerships, community education and reducing the impacts of climate change.

We have a growing number of programs delivering professional training and hands-on education in biodiversity conservation to university and school students on our properties.

We have the expertise, tools and technology to meet the challenges in front of us and invite partners to join us in a conservation revolution.


Partner with us today. Queensland’s wildlife will thank you!

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