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The odds are stacked against flatback turtle hatchlings right from the start.

As soon as they break through the leathery shell of the egg at night they must work together to dig through the sand to the surface.
Once on the surface of the beach, the hatchlings orientate themselves towards the lighter horizon of the ocean and run a gauntlet of dangers – birds, crabs and man-made obstacles like rubbish as fast as they can down the beach and into the waves.
Sadly early life in the ocean remains precarious and many hatchlings are eaten by sharks and crocodiles, with few making it to adulthood.
That’s why QTFN’s Adopt a Hatchling campaign and the work it supports at Avoid Island is so vital to the survival of this vulnerable Australian species.

For just $25, you can symbolically adopt your very own hatchling from the 2018/19 nesting season and help protect the flatback turtle population for years to come.

Avoid Island is a QTFN-owned Nature Refuge offshore between Gladstone and Mackay and the third largest rookery for the southern Queensland flatback population.
All money raised through the campaign goes towards the maintenance of this island sanctuary and QTFN’s annual flatback research, education and monitoring programs.

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