Our Team

Let us introduce our dedicated, talented and diverse team.

Executive General Manager
Nerida Bradley


Nerida joined QTFN in 2016 after practising as a lawyer and strategic advisor in various areas of land law, environmental impact assessment, planning, natural resource and protected area management as well as regulatory reform. She has worked with public and private sector stakeholders including pastoralists, indigenous groups, miners and land care groups. Along with substantial professional expertise, Nerida has life-long commitment to making conservation outcomes feasible and achievable for all sectors of business and the community.

Chief Finance Officer
Craig Carter

Chartered Accountant

Craig is a Chartered Accountant and registered tax agent. Craig joined the team in 2018, but his involvement with QTFN goes back to 2016 during which time he developed a cohesive MYOB operating system for the Trust. His enthusiasm for numbers and Excel paves the way for interactive financial reporting. Craig loves the outdoors and his perfect weekend involves family adventures, a game of cricket and a smooth flat white.

Conservation Manager
Tanya Pritchard

MSc, BAppSc (Env)

Tanya has over 25 years experience in conservation land management. She has worked at state and local level in both the public and private sectors, alongside community, government and industry groups to deliver conservation outcomes for protected areas, threatened species and ecosystems. Tanya loves Australia’s wild places and is committed to protecting the natural and cultural values of Queensland for future generations to enjoy.

Ecologist & Conservation Project Manager
Felicity Shapland

BA (Hons) Geographical Science

Felicity Shapland has over five years experience working in the conservation and land management industry, having delivered projects at a variety of state and local agencies both in Queensland and overseas. Felicity has been with the Trust since February 2015, working as an Ecologist and Conservation Project Manager. She is proud to be working with QTFN and loves the diversity of her work, which can have her tagging turtles one day and negotiating covenants the next.

Ecologist & Conservation Project Manager
Renee Rossini

PhD, BSc (Hons)

Renee has over a decade experience working from the coastlines to the arid zone, but always with a strong focus on the conservation of Australia’s unique flora and fauna.  She joined the ecology team at QTFN in 2018 and maintains her research and education positions at the University of Queensland and Griffith University.  If she’s not in the office she’ll be out chasing snails around desert springs, adventuring around the islands of Quandamooka country, or meandering through the forests of south-east Queensland.

Marketing & Partnerships
Joanna Osborn


Joanna has extensive experience in the arts, education and technology sectors. Prior to joining QTFN at the start of 2017, she worked in executive and arts administration, customer relations and marketing. Joanna has a love for painting Australian urban landscapes and tree portraits in particular.

Administration Officer
Delenn Sheppard

Delenn is currently studying a double degree of design and business majoring in marketing and interior design at Griffith University. Delenn is enthusiastic about the environment, travelling and design and she loves to go camping and explore the outback when she’s not in the office.

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