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Action & Insight

Supporting WWF to explore biodiversity co-benefits in Central Queensland

QTFN is supporting another initiative funded by the Queensland Government as part of the Pilot Projects Program of the Land Restoration Fund. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature Australia’s (WWF) Protecting Threatened Species and Restoring Grazing Land project in Central Queensland is helping to kickstart the biodiversity co-benefits market in Queensland. Like our Counting the […]

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Accounting for Nature

In 2020, QTFN moved to implement the Accounting for Nature® Framework model at Aroona Station – a scientifically credible and trusted natural capital accounting standard used to measure the condition of environmental assets and inform investment and management decisions. As an approved provider of co-benefit verification under the Land Restoration Fund, Accounting for Nature® is […]

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Refuge habitat for the brush-tailed rock-wallaby

Aroona Station features around 200 hectares of core habitat for the vulnerable brush-tailed rock-wallaby.  In 2020, as part of our ongoing research into these unique Aroona residents, we completed our third year of breeding season monitoring programs using motion-sensitive wildlife cameras strategically positioned in known brush-tailed rock-wallaby hang outs. The monitoring program again showed Aroona […]

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