Celebrating land management partnerships at Aroona

QTFN have entered into a long-term partnership with Ecosure and Fireland to help integrate our weed and fire land management methods on Aroona Station. Ecosure’s expertise in restoration planning and delivering on-ground works, and Fireland’s expertise in ecological fire will help us approach restoration efforts strategically across the property.

Aroona is at the top of the catchment, and we take responsibility for reducing our impact downstream. Seeds can disperse through wind, water, or birds, so we have to consider our landscape closely. Managing weeds across a rugged landscape isn’t an easy job, and with the wet seasons we’ve had over the past couple of years there’s plenty of work to be done. The key weed species we’re aiming to target in our management is lantana, broad-leaved pepper tree, Chinese elm, and cat’s claw creeper. 

Weeds can be barriers to our native wildlife’s movement, particularly the koala, and outcompete the recruitment of our native flora. Dense woody weed cover can also negatively affect the availability of grazing pasture, with thickets outcompeting grasses, and reduce the feed on offer. Managing the cover of woody weeds is beneficial for both conservation and productive outcomes on Aroona Station.  

This three-year agreement will enable us to find the right approaches for the diverse landscape and ensure works are maintained long-term. From the upland eucalypt woodlands to the shaded gullies and riparian systems, the approach to reducing our weed cover and improving vegetation condition will vary. Finding the right approach will be important in ensuring an impact is made effectively and efficiently, and that the forests will be on their way to becoming a self-sustaining ecosystem.  

To celebrate this long-term partnership, the team gathered onsite at Aroona last month. We are excited to have boots on the ground and continue this great work. In a few short months, we are starting to see the impact already. 

Banner photo: QTFN team gathering at Aroona Station with Ecosure and Fireland. 

Photo credit: Tiffany Barnes / Ecosure 

Date Posted: 3 May 2024