With their enduring commitment and cultural responsibility for land and wildlife health, we are proud to partner with Traditional Owners to strengthen future capability by sharing insights and invaluable ecological knowledge and learnings passed down through generations.

We recognise the capacity of First Nations people and we help facilitate the adoption of traditional methods of land management in general practice.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your land in the future – preserving and enriching its deep heritage.

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Action & Insight

Walking the island together

In November last year, Traditional Owner Samarla Deshong spent a week on Avoid Island with QTFN’s Dr Renee Rossini. Samarla and Renee spent time walking the island, which is on Koinmerburra saltwater country, identifying plants and setting up direct seeding experiments across the island. Samarla shared her knowledge of traditional uses of the plants, bush […]

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Thriving and surviving flatback turtles

Mysterious and majestic, flatback turtles are the only sea turtle to nest solely on Australian shores and Avoid Island is one of four island rookeries favoured by the turtle’s southern population. In 2020: More than 108 turtles had nested on the island at the start of the October to December 2020 nesting season, laying an […]

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Great Barrier Reef Foundation Reef Islands Initiative

In December 2020, QTFN and its project partners, Koinmerburra Aboriginal Corporation and Mackay and District Turtle Watch, were awarded a $200,000 grant from the Great Barrier Reef Foundation Reef Islands Initiative. The grant provides funding for the joint delivery of land management, education and threatened species research outcomes over a four-year period, and a part-time […]

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