The team at QTFN can help assess the ecological value of your land, and navigate the path to participating in nature refuge programs.

If protecting and preserving your land is your passion, we can assist your efforts while helping you better understand what other support mechanisms are available.

Whatever your goal, you can put a conservation agreement in place that suits your needs.

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Action & Insight

Rainy Mountain Nature Refuge

Di and Philip Daniels are in the final stage of having 94 acres of their 97-acre property at the base of Rainy Mountain in Kuranda declared as a nature refuge. After purchasing the property three years ago and retiring there in 2019, Di and Philip knew they wanted to look after and conserve the abundant […]

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Supporting WWF to explore biodiversity co-benefits in Central Queensland

QTFN is supporting another initiative funded by the Queensland Government as part of the Pilot Projects Program of the Land Restoration Fund. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature Australia’s (WWF) Protecting Threatened Species and Restoring Grazing Land project in Central Queensland is helping to kickstart the biodiversity co-benefits market in Queensland. Like our Counting the […]

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Build it and they will come

Ray and Viv Cranney’s property Bonyi, located 37 kilometres north east of Goondiwindi, is one of the four properties which form the focus of the Bulloak Jewel Butterfly Project. Long-term advocates of sustainable agriculture and land management, around 20 per cent of Ray and Viv’s property is kept as wildlife corridors, with a section fenced […]

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