Shaping a Nature Positive Future

“97% of Australians want more action to protect nature” – The Biodiversity Council


Our sold-out “Shaping a Nature Positive Future” event brought together environmental, social, governmental, and financial expertise. The expert panel discussion and networking breakfast highlighted the need for urgency, transparency, and community engagement to advance Queensland’s Nature Positive agenda.

A timely event considering the start of COP28 the same day, three key discussion points came out of the event. 

 🌿 Nature’s voice and interests need to be represented politically, legally, and economically. 

🤝 Co-creation with community is integral; communities are key to our solutions and can be heavily impacted. 

📜 We need more consistent, transparent, and reportable assessments and frameworks.


We want to thank our panel members Chris Norman (NRM Regions Queensland), Elizabeth Rose (EY), and Rebecca Roebuck (Social Impax) for their perspectives. Thanks to Yatra Forudi (Energy Queensland) for facilitating the conversation, and to the audience for their insightful questions. 

Thank you to Suncorp Group for hosting us. 

We were lucky to enlist Rachel Apelt who captured the discussion in a graphic recording; you can see the result below. We’re looking forward to continuing these conversations and helping to shape Queensland’s Nature Positive agenda.

Graphic recording of the Nature Positive event discussion, by Rachel Apelt.Graphic recording: Rachel Apelt

Banner Photo: Nicola Grobler / QTFN

Posted: 1 March 2024