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Our legacy – to date

  • 110,000+

    hectares preserved (QTFN Long-Term Holdings + Revolving Fund)

  • 110,000+

    habitat trees planted

  • 77

    threatened regional ecosystems protected

  • 230

    threatened species habitat protected

  • 109,703

    hectares declared as nature refuges with QTFN’s support

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From a remote island on the Great Barrier Reef to koala habitat in South East Queensland; habitat restoration, threatened species research to sustainable land management … keep up-to-date with QTFN.

Introducing The C4RE Invert Adventure Experts

Dr Kathy Ebert: Post Doctoral Researcher and Dung Beetle Expert Dr Kathy Ebert is a teaching assistant and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Queensland, School of Biological Sciences. Her primary research interests are in behaviour and taxonomy of dung beetles. Kathy’s focus is on the native Australian dung beetles, especially those with unusual behaviours, […]

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Revegetating Koala Habitat in Peak Crossing

Over the past six years, Earth Frequency Festival has been proud to be in partnership with the Queensland Trust for Nature to enhance critical koala habitat in the Flinders-Karawatha Corridor, the largest remaining contiguous stretch of open eucalypt forest in South-East Queensland. Situated at the base of Flinders Peak and neighbouring the festival grounds at […]

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Gurrbum Nature Refuge

We are proud to announce, another Queensland Trust for Nature property, Gurrbum, has been declared as a Nature Refuge. This 15.52 hectares of Lowland vine forest has now been protected in perpetuity to ensure sanctuary for the Endangered Southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) for years to come. The Gurrbum Nature Refuge forms a critical part […]

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