Working with local councils, State Government Departments and the Federal Government, we bring established relationships across agriculture, industry and communities combined with deep scientific expertise and a reputation in service delivery.

Over many years, we have built positive and successful relationships in local communities, electorates and amongst regional communities, grounded in cooperation, understanding and mutual benefits.

For us, it’s about helping government achieve specific biodiversity objectives for the greater good with proven efficiency and measurable outcomes.

For you, we know accountability is everything – and rigorous monitoring and reporting underpin our work, using a verifiable and certifiable environmentally accounting framework.

The benefits:

  • Clear and concise reporting – quantification of impact that is easy to understand.
  • A specialist and expert partner who can shape and deliver the projects on your behalf to meet your goals and objectives.
  • Easy and effective channel to progress from policy to demonstratable and measurable, on-the-ground action and outcomes.
  • A partner that is proactive, nimble and agile, with the ability to act quickly to protect land and environment.
  • Facilitate and administer programs, and engage with primary producers and landholders on your behalf.
  • Excellent project delivery (process management and outcome).
  • Leverage and maximise co-investment to deliver greater outcomes.

Talk to us today about making policy and delivering programs for your community.

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Action & Insight

Shaping a Nature Positive Future

“97% of Australians want more action to protect nature” – The Biodiversity Council   Our sold-out “Shaping a Nature Positive Future” event brought together environmental, social, governmental, and financial expertise. The expert panel discussion and networking breakfast highlighted the need for urgency, transparency, and community engagement to advance Queensland’s Nature Positive agenda. A timely event […]

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Supporting WWF to explore biodiversity co-benefits in Central Queensland

QTFN is supporting another initiative funded by the Queensland Government as part of the Pilot Projects Program of the Land Restoration Fund. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature Australia’s (WWF) Protecting Threatened Species and Restoring Grazing Land project in Central Queensland is helping to kickstart the biodiversity co-benefits market in Queensland. Like our Counting the […]

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Refuge habitat for the brush-tailed rock-wallaby

Aroona Station features around 200 hectares of core habitat for the vulnerable brush-tailed rock-wallaby.  In 2020, as part of our ongoing research into these unique Aroona residents, we completed our third year of breeding season monitoring programs using motion-sensitive wildlife cameras strategically positioned in known brush-tailed rock-wallaby hang outs. The monitoring program again showed Aroona […]

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