Rainy Mountain Nature Refuge

Di and Philip Daniels are in the final stage of having 94 acres of their 97-acre property at the base of Rainy Mountain in Kuranda declared as a nature refuge.

After purchasing the property three years ago and retiring there in 2019, Di and Philip knew they wanted to look after and conserve the abundant flora and fauna they now live amongst including their regular visitor, a female cassowary.

The Daniels worked with QTFN to establish a nature refuge agreement. In the process, they have learned more and more about the ecological value of their property and how to care for it.

This includes providing habitat for critically endangered Kuranda treefrog (Litoria myola) living in their creek, a fact discovered during QTFN’s nature refuge assessment.

“We feel it is a privilege to be living here in the rainforest. Ensuring the land and its flora and fauna are protected under a nature refuge agreement is our way of preserving it for future generations. It is exactly what we wanted and QTFN has been fantastic.”

Di Daniels, Owner, Rainy Mountain Nature Refuge