Thriving and surviving flatback turtles

Mysterious and majestic, flatback turtles are the only sea turtle to nest solely on Australian shores and Avoid Island is one of four island rookeries favoured by the turtle’s southern population.

In 2020:

  • More than 108 turtles had nested on the island at the start of the October to December 2020 nesting season, laying an estimated 7,300 eggs. This included four new turtles (two more than previous years).
  • Two remote camera traps installed on the primary nesting beach are capturing images of the hatchlings as they emerge from the nests.

In 2021, QTFN will continue our collaboration with Mackay and District Turtle Watch to conduct turtle surveys, and partner with University of Queensland to complement the flatback turtle research program with climate change modelling and adaptation policies, as well as explore opportunities to build First Nations involvement in turtle monitoring.