A New Time for QTFN

It is with both sadness and gratitude that we announce that after more than two and a half years at the helm of Queensland Trust for Nature, Steve Lacey, our CEO, has tendered his resignation.  

During his time with the Queensland Trust for Nature, Steve has facilitated a successful organisation restructure, rebranding and strategic plan implementation that has resulted in substantial growth in an organisational capacity, activity and turnover. He has achieved extraordinary results in a very short time frame and built a strong foundation of professionalism and a high-performance culture.  

We are extremely grateful for Steve’s leadership of our dedicated team – each of whom play an integral role in the organisation. He invested time and resources into staff wellbeing, management and accountability to empower our staff as we strived toward successful project outcomes for our partners and our communities. 

It is with thanks to Steve’s vision, foresight and leadership that we will continue to deliver tangible impacts and positive benefits to improve the biodiversity of Queensland. He leaves the Queensland Trust for Nature in a very strong position for future growth and we sincerely thank him for his contribution and leadership during his tenure as CEO. 

Dr Liz O’Brien, has been appointed as the Acting CEO by the board to ensure continuity and stability. We all wish Steve a successful future as he progresses his career.