Accounting for Nature

In 2020, QTFN moved to implement the Accounting for Nature® Framework model at Aroona Station – a scientifically credible and trusted natural capital accounting standard used to measure the condition of environmental assets and inform investment and management decisions.

As an approved provider of co-benefit verification under the Land Restoration Fund, Accounting for Nature® is a critical element of the Counting the Co-Benefits project.

The collation of data for Aroona Station is underway, and we expect to have our first verified Environmental Condition Index (EcondTM) score for the property in March 2021, providing us with an overall picture of the impact of our habitat restoration and land management activities to date.

A trial roll-out of the award-winning Accounting for Nature® Framework is already underway at Koala Crossing providing an initial EcondTM score for the property.

“We are currently experiencing the next evolution of environmental markets where consumers and investors are seeking sustainable food and fibre products that support biodiversity conservation, carbon emissions reductions and regional livelihoods. Quantifying, verifying and communicating the environmental impact of their land management through the use of Accounting for Nature® will unlock new sources of finance for organisations like QTFN and new economic opportunities for Queensland farmers and regional communities. QTFN’s strategy to tap into healthy natural capital-oriented public and private sector investment is very forward-thinking.”

Dr Adrian Ward, CEO, Accounting for Nature