Cassowary Connection

Cassowary Connection Nature Refuge is located within a major biodiversity corridor, allowing movement of wildlife between the Djiru National Park and the coast. Previously known as Lot 66, the property located at Mission Beach was declared by Queensland’s Environment Minister, Leeanne Enoch MP, as “Cassowary Connection Nature Refuge” in February 2018.

The declaration brings a happy end to the long-running campaign delivered in partnership between QTFN, C4, Terrain NRM and the Mission Beach community to save this critical patch of cassowary habitat. The latest estimates suggest the total Australian population of the Southern Cassowary numbers only between 1,200 and 1,500 adults. Using our revolving fund to purchase cassowary habitat is vital to ensuring the long-term survival of this amazing bird.  


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Cassowary Connection is part of a significant biodiversity corridor for the movement of the endangered Southern Cassowary between the coastline and Djiru National Park in the World Heritage Wet Tropics. The vegetation on the property is part of the largest contiguous block of lowland rainforest south of the Daintree River and vital to numerous flora and fauna species.

Mission beach is best known for the endangered Southern Cassowary. As few as 1500 cassowaries are estimated to remain in the wild and the World Heritage Wet Tropics and Cape York. Numbers have declined rapidly in the last 40 years. Cassowary Connection also provides habitat for the vulnerable common mist frog litoria rheocola and Australian lacelid litoria dayi and the vulnerable tapping green eyed frog litoria serrata.

Lot 66

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