Home Sweet Hollow: Containers For Change funds new nest boxes

Thanks to everyone’s Containers for Change donations, we were able to buy two new nest boxes. 

Bought from Sunshine Coast based organisation Hollow Log Homes, these nest boxes will act as artificial hollows for wildlife. Wildlife use tree hollows to nest and for shelter. The goal is for these nest boxes to supplement natural hollow habitat until there’s enough natural hollows developed over time to house all the wildlife.  

Where will these nest boxes be placed? 

These two nest boxes will be installed at Aroona Station, in areas of regrowth forest where there is a nice grassy understory, but natural hollows are lacking. Aroona Station already has 16 nest boxes installed to support nesting and shelter habitat for wildlife, and we hope to add more. 

We have nest boxes installed on Koala Crossing as well. Koala Crossing has about 30 nest boxes installed on the property from September 2020.


Who’s visited our existing nest boxes? 

We’ve had squirrel gliders, Australian owlet-nightjars, brush-tailed phascogales, and even a microbat use the nest boxes. We monitor who is using the nest boxes through camera traps or through inspecting each nest box with an elevated camera on a pole. Click here to see Georgie in action.

Squirrel glider in nest box taken with inspection camera Australian owlet-nightjar in nest box taken with inspection camera Brush-tailed phascogale in nest box taken with inspection camera

Though other wildlife can call these home, the new nest boxes we bought with recent Containers for Change funding cater for the feather-tail glider and antechinus.  


How can you help us install more next boxes? 

When you’re recycling your 10c containers at Containers for Change, you can choose to donate your refund to QTFN as your nominated charity. You can either quote scheme ID C10903835 or scan the below barcode at a reverse vending machine. You can also set ‘donate’ to QTFN’s details as your member number’s preferred payment method online. You can donate at Containers for Change depots, bag drops, reverse vending machines, pop ups, and there’s even home collection offered now. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact us or Containers for Change; we’d love your support.

Continue donating to us through Containers for Change, and we can cultivate a future where wildlife thrives, nestled within the hollows we’ve helped create.


Banner photo: QTFN Senior Ecologist Georgie Braun with the new feather-tail glider nest box.

Photo Credit: Nicola Grobler / QTFN

Date Posted: 29 March 2024