Eradication of invasive weeds

In 2020, QTFN wrapped up a three-year weed and marine debris clean-up project supported by a Queensland Department of Environment and Science Community Sustainability Action grant.

With the assistance of volunteers, we have reduced the presence of the invasive Mossman River grass (Cenchrus echinatus) year-on-year, ending the program with a 99 per cent reduction in the infested area and the near-eradication of three other weeds – balloon cottonbush (Gomphocarpus physocarpus), lantana (Lantana camara) and rattlepod (Crotalaria pallida).

Over the course of the project, 90kg of marine debris, including plastic bottle caps, commercial fishing debris and plastic toothbrushes, was cleared from turtle nesting beaches.

The control of weed seed spread and removal of weeds has resulted in a visible recovery of dune vegetation and stopped weeds invading the endangered vine thicket community which provides habitat for birds such as the pied imperial-pigeon (Ducula bicolor).