Lachlan Hughes Foundation: Ben’s Regenerative Journey

“Here’s to our regenerative agriculture journeys: may they be full of opportunities for self-improvement and be a journey that never truly ends, but only evolves with each step we take.” – Ben Heathwood 


The Lachlan Hughes Foundation recently celebrated and reflected on the participants’ journeys over the last 12 months in the LHF program.  

Ben Heathwood was the first participant to present. Ben spoke about his journey to this point and his development throughout the program. Ben’s regenerative agriculture interest had been rekindled in his role at QTFN, but this connection between a healthy herd and good landscape management has been fostered since his childhood on the family farm. When he started the LHF program, Ben was looking for knowledge, hoping to enhance his skills, and wanting to connect with like-minded individuals.  

Ben’s project site is Aroona Station; he’s been working towards planning Aroona’s long-term future. As QTFN’s Land and Assets Manager, he had a clear vision, and the LHF helped him lay the foundation. He was able to start riparian restoration, fencing, and large-scale composting trail projects. This is just the beginning for Aroona of working towards balancing beef and biodiversity.  

The dinner also welcomed the new intake of successful participants and awarded the new Tree of Life scholars. We are excited to see the Lachlan Hughes Foundation support network and knowledge of regenerative agriculture continue to grow. 

Ben’s time as a Lachlan Hughes Foundation participant has launched his regenerative agriculture and self-discovery journey. It’s been amazing to see Ben’s development as a participant and to continue our partnership with the Lachlan Hughes Foundation. 


Photo Credit: Tiffany Heathwood

Posted: 1 March 2024