Presenting koala habitat restoration work at Logan Koala Forum

In February 2024, Maree Clancy, QTFN Restoration Project Officer, presented at the Logan Koala Forum about existing and upcoming koala habitat restoration work being done in the South East Queensland region. 

The Koala Habitat Restoration Partnership Program (KHRPP) establishes partnerships between landholders, government, industry, and other stakeholders to deliver koala habitat restoration projects in strategic locations across South East Queensland. Maree shared her insights on the KHRPP’s process to deliver strategic koala habitat restoration, some of the key achievements to date, and KHRPP’s restoration work on Woodstock Farm.  

On Woodstock Farm in Tamborine, there is both revegetation and assisted natural regeneration work occurring through KHRPP. Maree discussed the environmental conditions and land management challenges that the Woodstock Farm partners have faced throughout. It is all hands on deck to help the property recover from flood, drought, and cyclone impacts. You can learn more about how KHRPP helped facilitate maintenance and infill planting after the flooding event in this YouTube video. 

The Koala Habitat Restoration Partnership Program is a 5-year, $4.48 million project funded by the Queensland Government to restore koala habitat in Koala Priority Areas, Koala Habitat Restoration Areas, or high koala value areas in southeast Queensland. The KHRPP is implemented by the Queensland Trust for Nature and is funded by the Queensland Government. 

You can watch Maree’s whole presentation at the Logan Koala Forum through the recording on Facebook here.

Maree presenting at Logan Koala Forum by Wildlife Watcher

Banner photo: Maree presenting at the Logan Koala Forum.

Photo Credits: Wildlife Watcher 

Date Posted: 29 March 2024