Nesting for neighbours

As we increase the habitat for koalas at QTFN’s Koala Crossing, we are also creating habitat for a host of other native species.

In 2020, with funding from the WIRES Landcare Wildlife Relief and Recovery Grants Program, we installed 40 nesting boxes and water drinking stations across the property.

The nesting boxes, which were made by members of the Ipswich Men’s Shed and installed by volunteers Jackson Richards from Axis Contracting and Yvette Hadj provide a place for birds and animals to nest and care for their young.

Built to different sizes and specifications, the nesting boxes cater for species ranging from kookaburra, rainbow lorikeet to large forest owls and small mammals like feathertail glider (Acrobates pygmaeus) and sugar glider (Petaurus breviceps).

Three monitoring cameras also purchased with the grant will be used to non-intrusively check and monitor the nesting boxes’ use.