Planting for impact

In partnership with C4 and fellow Cassowary Coast conservation group, Brettacorp Inc., QTFN has piloted the use of the Miyawaki planting method on two plots on its Gurrbum Reserve to accelerate rainforest reforestation on the property.

A globally recognised planting method, Miyawaki is proven to create fast growing, high density, high biodiversity and high carbon sequestration forests, with significantly reduced weed and maintenance requirements.

In just over 12 months, the growth rate on the first 100m2 plot on Gurrbum Reserve, funded by Sugi, is astounding – with habitat trees planted reaching over four metres in height.

The second 240m2 plot, planted in August 2020 with the help of 13 students from The Rainforest School in Mission Beach, their families and community volunteers and funded by the Australian Government’s Communities Environment Program, is regarded to be the largest Miyawaki forest to be planted in Australia to date.

Each Miyawaki plot on Gurrbum Reserve features 75-plus plant species and up to 4 trees per square metre.