Queensland’s Nature: Connect, Explore, and Cherish our incredible nature during National Biodiversity Month this September!

At the Queensland Trust for Nature, we’re dedicated to nurturing that connection and fostering a deep appreciation for Queensland’s remarkable biodiversity.

Why Connecting with Nature Matters:

Picture this: You’re surrounded by lush forests, vibrant landscapes, and the chirping of birds in the air. Connecting with nature isn’t just about taking a stroll – it’s about discovering the beauty, the balance, and the importance of our environment. At the Queensland Trust for Nature, we’re all about helping you make that connection, because when you do, magic happens!

Valuing Queensland’s Natural Gems:

Now, let’s talk about the incredible canvas that is Queensland. We’re not just any state – we’re a biodiversity powerhouse. With over 1,000 ecosystem types and more unique creatures than you can shake a stick at, Queensland is like a treasure chest of natural wonders waiting to be explored.

An Invitation to Explore:

National Biodiversity Month is our canvas to celebrate and inspire. On this page, you’ll find a curated collection of engaging activities designed to deepen your connection with nature. Explore the QTFN Biodiversity Month Calendar for 2023, download a PDF here:

Here’s What Awaits You:

  • iNaturalist Adventures: Embrace your inner naturalist by capturing the beauty around you. Download the iNaturalist app and join a community of like-minded individuals and contribute to a shared repository of Queensland’s biodiversity.
  • TEDTalks: Reconnect with Nature: Immerse yourself in TEDTalks that echo the importance of rediscovering our connection with nature. Let these talks inspire you to foster a profound bond with Queensland’s natural beauty.
  • Threatened Species Bakeoff: Unleash your culinary creativity while championing threatened species. Bake, share, and spark conversations about conservation. Entries close 24th September.
  • Start a Nature Journal: Grab a notebook and start recording your observations and musings about the natural world. A nature journal is a personal portal into your adventures and discoveries. Visit Dr Paula Peeters website to learn more about Nature Journalling including these free online lessons.
  • The Quest for Your Favorite Tree: Discover the tree that resonates with your soul, and witness the beauty of a personal connection with nature.
  • Queensland Museum currently has the The Butterfly Man of Kuranda: The Dodd Collection on display both in person and virtually. This is a rare opportunity to witness the biodiversity of insects.
  • Bushwalks and Roadtrips: Lace up your shoes for a journey into Queensland’s pristine landscapes. Whether you choose a leisurely bushwalk or a road trip to a National Park, you’re in for an adventure. Search the Queensland Government Parks and Forests website to plan a trip to connect with Nature
  • Food Waste Warrior: Join the ranks of eco-conscious individuals and learn practical ways to reduce food waste. Each effort contributes to the preservation of Queensland’s thriving food industry.
  • Starlit Nights and Personal Nature Bonds: Bask in the serenity of greenspaces, cloud watching, watch the sunset/sunrise and let the stars above captivate your imagination. Connect on a deeper level as you discover your favorite tree, forming an intimate connection with the environment. Search Google Maps for a “arboretum”, “botanic gardens”, “conservation park”, “walks”, “reserve” to find a greenspace near you to explore and connect with Nature.
  • Bird Watching Bliss: Tune into the avian symphony with BirdLife Australia. Visit BirdlLife Australias website to discover the joy of bird watching, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and contribute to the broader understanding of Queensland’s birdlife.
  • Find a podcast about Nature and start listening, Dr Ann Jones from the ABC is particularly engaging and you can find her podcast “What the Duck?!”
  • Recycling with Containers for Change QLD: Join the movement and recycle containers to support a cleaner environment. Every small action contributes to a greener, more sustainable Queensland. Make sure you quote this Scheme ID C10903835 when donating your Containers for Change to Queensland Trust for Nature.

Experience the Magic:

We invite you to be a part of our Biodiversity Month celebration. Through out the month of September using the QTFN National Biodiversity Month Calendar and following our social media posts, you’ll embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and heartfelt connection with the natural environment. Join us as we celebrate Queensland’s stunning biodiversity and unveil the secrets that lie within its landscapes. Let’s make this September a month of exploration, engagement, and profound appreciation for the incredible Australian State we call home.