Revegetating Koala Habitat in Peak Crossing

Over the past six years, Earth Frequency Festival has been proud to be in partnership with the Queensland Trust for Nature to enhance critical koala habitat in the Flinders-Karawatha Corridor, the largest remaining contiguous stretch of open eucalypt forest in South-East Queensland. Situated at the base of Flinders Peak and neighbouring the festival grounds at Ivory Rock’s Convention Centre, Koala Crossing’s habitat restoration has been supported with thanks to the generous donations made by Earth Frequency Guests.  

Since the land was purchased in 2015, Queensland Trust for Nature have been working to convert large cattle grazing properties into Nature Reserves. The total property provides 650 hectares of habitat that supports numerous threatened species including the koala, the glossy black cockatoo and the powerful owl. The quality of regeneration at this property has also supported the release of seven injured and orphaned koalas on to this land. 

In 2016-2021, Queensland Trust for Nature have restored hundreds of hectares of former grazing pasture through revegetation to create a diverse forest ecosystem. Over the six years, Earth Frequency patrons have collectively raised over $20,000 that have significantly contributed varying species of ‘koala food trees’ planted in the ground over the life of the project.  

Queensland Trust for Nature would like to extend a warm thank you to Earth Frequency Festival staff and guests for their long-standing commitment to supporting these important works. Queensland Trust for Nature is proud to announce that they have protected and gazetted half of the Koala Crossing property as four individual Nature Refuges in perpetuity. This permanent legal protection has secured a combined 368 hectare to support this crucial habitat corridor for the future.   

With works nearing completion at Koala Crossing, Earth Frequency Festival and Queensland Trust for Nature will continue their partnership into 2022 and beyond. The Ivory’s Rock Foundation has been selected as the new recipient of future donations to continuing enhancing habitats adjacent to and surrounding the festival grounds in this critical Flinders-Karawatha Corridor. In partnership with Ivory’s Rock Foundation, QTFN and Earth Frequency aim to improve the health of the creek and riparian ecosystems to increase the habitat size and health for the local koala population. The already strong and healthy koala population in Sandy Creek will improve greatly from tree plantings, to help stabilise the creek banks, and weed control to increase the carrying capacity of this habitat.   

Earth Frequency Festival and Queensland Trust for Nature are so grateful to all the patrons for their ongoing generosity and donations.  Every environmental action has been made with the intent and purpose of returning this region to a self-sustaining system of improved environmental health. These contributions are greatly appreciated to improving the diverse and valuable ecosystems of the Flinders-Karawatha Corridor.