Watergum Community Koala Education Workshop

On 18 November 2023, the Watergum community came together for a koala education workshop at Koala Crossing, one of QTFN’s Revolving Fund properties. The workshop focused on helping koala enthusiasts learn more about how to establish and conserve koala habitats, understand the challenges koalas face, and engage in koala survey activities.   

Dave Madden, QTFN’s Restoration Project Officer, gave a presentation that delved into existing and upcoming koala conservation work being undertaken in the southeast Queensland region. 

The Koala Habitat Restoration Partnership Program is a 5-year, $4.6 million project funded by the Queensland Government to restore koala habitat in Koala Priority Areas, Koala Habitat Restoration Areas, or high koala value areas in southeast Queensland. Dave talked about how the KHRPP provides opportunities for private landholders with koala populations to get involved in restoring and expanding koala habitat through revegetation and assisted natural regeneration activities

Dr Bill Ellis, a koala expert from the University of Queensland, provided fascinating insights into his extensive research findings. His engaging, informative, and inspirational presentation was thought provoking; it presented valuable scientific data and reinforced KHRPP’s koala conservation efforts and collaborations. 

As attendees ventured into Koala Crossing, their exploration led to spotting squirrel gliders, brush-tailed possums, an owlet-nightjar with chicks, a feathertail glider, a brush-tail phascogale, and two koalas!  

It was a delight to come together to talk about all things koala, to observe so many other native species in their natural habitat, and have conversations about conservation.   

 To find out more about KHRPP: https://qtfn.org.au/…/koala-habitat-restoration…/ 


Photo Credit: Dave Madden / QTFN

Posted: 1 March 2024